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Elite Surf Coaching specialises in coaching young surfers to compete at a professional level. Training consists of extensive coaching in all ranges of surf conditions, wave selection and analysis, contest strategy and approach, paddling stamina, stretching, mock heats, time and stress management. It is an exclusive program for those who want to improve their competitive performance and other advanced skills for contest level surfing.

Groups with 5 people or less.

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Iván Villalba and groms of Elite Surf Coaching

Guided Surf


Good positioning, wave knowledge & timming, is essential in surfing.
Where to sit at the line up, where to trim the wave and do the manouvres for a more efficient ride, are some points that the coach will work with you in the session. The coach will be the voice of your conscience in your guided surf session.

Groms surf coaching



Video Analysis is the core training tool in our coaching programs, allowing the surfer to visualise and understand how to improve their surfing.
The coach will film the waves surfed, after the session he will go through your waves in detail.

Groms video analysis session



Surf skateboarding helps you to improve your surfing technique in a never ending wave.

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More Activities

Elite Surf Pukas test program

Pukas Test Program

You will be able to test the latest Pukas models from some of the most outstanding shapers worldwide for free. Each model will be available during certain dates.

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Elite Surf groms

… and more

  • Swimming training & freediving
  • Competition heats mock ups
  • Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Helping parents to be surf coaches


& Packs

You can combine the different sessions you want and create your own pack.
Note, Surf Coaching sessions generally start at 7.00 am, and last for around 5-6 hours.

The following prices do not include transport, surf gear, meal, etc. If you want help with gear, transport or accommodation please contact us.

Surf camp groms surfers

3 days basic pack
Grom Surf Camp

Camp includes:

  • 3 x surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • 1 x Carver training

Surf camp groms surfers

5 days basic pack
Grom Surf Camp

Camp includes:

  • 5 x surfing sessions
  • Video analysis
  • 1 x Carver training

Grom surfing

Personalise your own Surf Coaching Program

Video analysis session

Video Analysis Session

Surf Coaching & Video Analysis.

  • Selection of convenient beach
  • Identification of personal objectives
  • Video recording of the waves surfed
  • Video analysis

* 7% IGIC not included

Carver session

Carver Session


  • Carver training in skatepark bowl
  • Introduction to surf movements
  • Improve the surf movements and the technique

* 7% IGIC not included

Groms extra sessions

Other Activities

Functional Training20€

Swimming Training15€


* 7% IGIC not included

Iván Villalba

Iván Villalba

Surf Coach

  • Surfing since 1991
  • Competing since 1993
  • Coaching since 2004
  • Sports technician in Surf, Level 1
  • ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor
  • ISA Level 2 Surf Coach

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Elite Surf Coaching


Ivan inspires a lot of confidence in the water. He is a conscientious coach, who doesn’t let me pass to another level until I don’t master the actual level I am on. After months of efforts, I have more speed, my manoeuvres are more powerful and I have even more fun in the water. León Agurruza
Daniel, my son has improved a lot the coordination with the carver sessions, and thanks to the video analysis he is learning to read the wave. Highly recommended classes to whoever wants to improve their technique. Charles Parker
Ivan is a frank, vital and caring person, as well as very professional. With him we smake sure that all the family will be happy, so what we need to know before organising our holidays, is where will he be! Familia Bernuezo

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