Swimming Training

Increase your breath hold ability in tense situations underwater, while remaining
calm and in total control of your mind.

Elite Surf Swimming training

Our swimming training session is around 1 hour long. This session is not aimed to leave you without energy, but to customize your best swimming program and teach you how to train back home, so as to improve your surfing abilities.

Surfing abilities you will be able to train & improve with our swimming session:

Aerobic Capacity

Swimming will increase your
resistance & aerobic capacity,
making your surf sessions more

  • Longer sessios, less fatigue
  • Catch more waves per session
  • Be able to manage better in rips

Apnea / Freediving

Increase your breath hold
ability in tense situations

  • Increase your confidence and
    control of your mind
  • Train out of your confort zone
  • Manage wipeout situations

Paddling Technique

Training your paddling
technique will increase your
power and resistance when

  • Increase your power
  • Increase your resistance and
    paddling efficiency
  • Targets all the main muscle




* 7% IGIC not included