Elite Surf Coaching Performance Centre is located in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, known as the European Hawaiian Islands.

This is due to the warm water and high quality waves … making it the perfect place to improve your surfing!

World class coaching for all surfers – Take your surfing one step ahead!

Guided Surf


Good positioning, wave knowledge & timming, is essential in surfing.
Where to sit at the line up, where to trim the wave and do the manouvres for a more efficient ride, are some points that the coach will work with you in the session. The coach will be the voice of your conscience in your guided surf session.

Surf guided lesson



Video Analysis is the core training tool in our coaching programs, allowing the surfer to visualise and understand how to improve their surfing.
The coach will film the waves surfed, after the session he will go through your waves in detail.

Video analysis



Performing exercises focused on agility, balance, flexibility and body alignment (posture) will help prevent injuries and increase efficiency in your movements while surfing.

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Functional training



Not all of us can consistently get in the sea through the dreaded dark months, but we can do things to stay on top of our fitness. Swimming is the easiest and most popular, but you have to do it right. Pool training will increase your paddling technique, your aerobic capacity but also your apnea.

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Swimming training

More Activities

Carver session


Surf skateboarding helps you to improve your surfing technique in a never ending wave.

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Elite Surf Pukas Test program

Pukas Test Program

You will be able to test the latest Pukas models from some of the most outstanding shapers worldwide for free. Each model will be available during certain dates.

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Single room, shared room, hotel, rent a house, there are numerous options for all different budgets.

If you need help organising your accommodation, please get in touch with us.